Online stores, websites, applications and outsourcing

We are a development center - Alma. The company has been working since 2005.
Lifetime warranty!

Landing page
from 500$
Business sites
from 600$
Online store
from 800$

We are looking for partners and are ready to work on outsourcing. Currently, we have the following outsourcing specialists:

  • 1) Backend, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress - from 15$/hour.
  • 2) Backend, PHP, Laravel - from 15$/hour.
  • 3) Backend, PHP - from 15$/hour.
  • 4) Backend, PHP - from 15$/hour.
  • 5) HTML development, build via gulp / webpack - from 12.5$/hour.
  • 6) HTML development / Frontend, react / vue / gulp / webpack - from 15$/hour.
  • 7) HTML development / Frontend, react / vue / gulp / webpack - from 15$/hour.
  • 8) Backend Java Spring / Vaadin - from 16.5$/hour.

Total resources for specialists:
PHP backend 320 hours per month
Laravel backend 320 hours per month
Java backend 120 hours per month
HTML development 320 hours per month
Frontend 320 hours per month

Since 2005 we have done over a thousand projects. You can see them on our Russian site

Our projects
Now we are actively entering foreign markets and ready to give a good discount for our foreign customers.

Our advantages

Experience in creating websites since 2005.
Thanks to our experience and practices, your online store will increase sales.
We have all the necessary experts
We have designers, web designers, content managers and programmers.
Advanced technologies
In the world of web development and software solutions we use: HTML5, CSS3, SASS (SCSS), PHP 7, Laravel 6, Vue.js, React.js, Java Spring, Vaadin, Composer, Git, Gulp, Webpack.
Low prices
Our development center located in Russia, so we can keep low prices with high quality services.

We are recommended

We delve into customer needs and deliver them at the optimal time. Fifteen years of work in this field helps us solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.